Friendly Pure Dried ReadiGrass 1kg

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Product Overview

Friendship Estates Friendly ReadiGrass is a top-quality natural feed produced from British pastures for small animals. ReadiGrass is packed full with nutrients after going through a low-temperature drying process to remove the water, leaving a vibrant colour of fresh grass. The highly digestible feed can be enjoyed all year round and is protected from deterioration and contamination. The high fibre content helps to maintain a healthy digestive system and limits the development of overgrown teeth and other disorders.ReadiGrass is ideal for many small animals including rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and degus. 1kg.



Protein 12%, Oil 2%, Crude Fibre 28%, Vitamin C 150mg/kg, Calcium 0.55%, Phosphorus 0.27%



(No reviews yet) Write a Review