Versele Laga Oropharma Forma-Vit Tablets x 100

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Versele Laga Oropharma Forma-Vit Tablets. Vitamin tablet enriched with L-carnitine for an optimal condition and energy supply. Provides the necessary vitamins and L-Carnitine, in tablet form, for an individual treatment. The L-carnitine ensures a less build-up of lactic acid in the muscles and thus less muscle cramps. Increases the production of crop milk in the breeding period

Lactose, Cellulose

Analytical constituents
Crude protein 11.91%, Crude fibre 3.79%, Crude fat 9.07%, Crude ash 1.55%, Lysine 0 mg/kg, Methionine 0 mg/kg, Sodium 200 mg/kg

Nutritional additives

L-Carnitine 155000 mg, E672 Vitamin A 5500000 IE, E671 Vitamin D3 550000 IE, 3a700 Vitamin E 26000 mg, Vitamin B1 900 mg, Vitamin B2 1100 mg, Pantothenic acid 5500 mg, Vitamin B6 1500 mg, Vitamin B12 6.6 mg, E300 Vitamin C 47000 mg, Vitamin K3 700 mg, Nicotinamide 28000 mg, Biotin 9.5 mg, Choline (Choline bitartrate) 43300 mg, Folic acid 710 mg